We are a boutique wealth management firm providing intelligent, customized, and technology-enabled investment advisory, financial planning and family wealth management services.  We work with business executives pre- and post-retirement, multi-generational families, business owners, and millennials in the accumulation phase of life, providing them with advice that is transparent, unbiased and well-informed.


We leverage cutting edge technology in our financial planning, investment advisory services and portfolio performance reporting.  Clients can view their full financial picture in real time and see if they are on track to meet their goals through their customized client portal.  They also have access to technology-enabled alternative investment solutions and tax alpha generating strategies that can be used to potentially improve returns while lowering volatility.


Our investment advisory services are informed by our experience in direct investing in private markets for nearly two decades. Diversification and intelligent asset allocation are central tenets of our investment philosophy.  We have access to a diverse range of investments, including alternative investments in private markets (e.g., private equity and private real estate), to create portfolios tailored to the client’s goals and objectives.

We seek to enhance portfolio outcomes through tax efficient portfolio implementation and management strategies. More specifically, we utilize tax efficient asset location and tax loss harvesting to enhance the after-tax returns of a portfolio.  For our high net worth clients, we offer donor-advised funds, opportunity zone investments and custom indexing strategies. 


As a fiduciary, fee-only investment advisor, we put your interests ahead of our own and are not incented to offer certain products over others but rather to offer products designed to meet your goals.  We disclose our method of compensation and the total costs of investments and services we provide.  Furthermore, we avoid conflicts of interest whenever possible and disclose any conflicts that do arise so that clients can make informed decisions.  Finally, we seek to provide transparency in our investment process and our portfolio reporting for clients.



At Insight, we can serve as your personal CFO, creating a comprehensive family wealth management plan focused on protecting and building your long-term wealth and legacy.  We take the time to really get to know our clients and to understand their goals, plans and priorities.  This financial planning phase informs the investment advisory process, during which we create a customized portfolio that supports these goals and reflects where you are in your life. Finally, we work closely with tax, insurance and legal advisors to ensure a coordinated approach to and streamlined implementation of your family’s wealth preservation and growth objectives, risk management needs and legacy and estate planning.


Allison Dunlap, President & Founder