Investment Advisory

At Insight Investment Advisory, we take an intelligent, evidence-based approach to investing, building a diverse portfolio that is tailored to support your unique financial goals and that is appropriate for your risk tolerance. We are free to source a wide array of investments for our clients, including alternatives such as private equity and private debt.  We use our experience in direct investing in private markets for nearly two decades to conduct rigorous due diligence when selecting new investments or managers and to closely monitor the ongoing performance of those investments and managers.   


Our investment advice is based on a few key principles:

  • Diversify systematically – We believe that the importance of asset allocation is paramount and that a more diverse investment approach incorporating alternative asset classes can decrease the volatility and increase the returns of a total portfolio over time. 

  • Minimize fees and taxes – We implement our investment strategy at the household level in a tax efficient manner across taxable and tax-deferred accounts while working to keep fees low.

  • Think long-term - We concentrate on long-term objectives and help you tune out the noise of short-term market fluctuations, utilizing disciplined rebalancing that can optimize outcomes and lower cost basis over time.


We emphasize tax-smart investing and portfolio implementation, including but not limited to the following:

  • Strategic asset location – allocate at the household level, utilizing tax deferred accounts to hold the least tax efficient investments when possible.

  • Tax loss harvesting – utilize portfolio rebalancing to offset capital gains with losses.

  • Direct indexing – create customized portfolios with a technology-enabled solution that can mimic an ETF or benchmark while potentially lowering fees, generating tax alpha and reflecting your social and environmental preferences.

  • Donor advised fund (“DAF”) accounts – donate appreciated assets to a DAF to maximize the tax benefits of charitable giving while supporting your philanthropic goals.

  • Opportunity zone funds – invest large capital gains in specialized real estate funds with several potential tax benefits.


Alternative and specialized investment offerings for accredited investor clients include:

  • Private equity access funds

  • Private credit (i.e., middle market direct lending)

  • Private real estate

  • Non-correlated assets (i.e., managed futures)

  • ESG (“environmental, social and governance”)/sustainable Investing


For qualified purchaser clients, we provide access to a number of alternative asset classes, including but not limited to:

  • Venture capital

  • Growth private equity

  • Hedge funds

  • Real estate debt

  • Opportunistic credit  

We take a comprehensive approach to working with our clients and their families, reviewing insurance, estate documents, and non-custodied assets, in addition to the client’s investment portfolio.  We utilize our in-house expertise in investment advisory, financial planning, tax strategies and legacy and estate planning in conjunction with a team-oriented approach to working with your existing trusted CPAs, estate attorneys and insurance providers.


We believe in the importance of disciplined portfolio rebalancing, which supports staying in line with the original allocation targets and potentially benefitting from changing market conditions.